Reliant Development Group, Inc., its principals and employees are committed to a core set of beliefs:

*Focus on the Resident- We respond to resident maintenance needs quickly and efficiently. We produce high-quality housing that attracts financially stable, credit worthy residents. We focus on retaining existing residents through after school programs, courtesy officer patrols, hiring caring on-site staff, and through many other efforts.

*Financial Stability- We keep operating costs of both our properties and the development company low so we maintain our ability to grow and thrive through both strong and weak rental markets. We maintain sufficient financial reserves to allow us to close, improve, and stabilize development opportunities as they arise.

*Integrity- We value our good reputation and act consistently to strengthen it. Integrity is one key that enables all the differing development and management team members to work efficiently and effectively together through project stabilization and beyond.

*Continual Improvement in Operations- We constantly work to optimize and to improve how we plan, conduct and grow our business.

Principal Officer Information:

The two principals of the company are brothers Paul and Phil Kennon.  Both grew up in Northern Virginia and both obtained degrees in Finance, with Paul graduating from the University of Virginia in 1987 and Phil graduating from the University of Alabama in 1991.  In the early 1990ís, Paul and Phil began buying duplexes, small multifamily properties, single family homes, and condos.  Most properties were renovated, rented, and then sold a few years later at a profit.  During this time period, both brothers also managed or leased small residential properties for other investors.

In the late 1990ís the business grew to include apartment renovations and from that beginning, grew to affordable housing development.  Paulís focus is on locating and financing good development opportunities and Phil directs asset and property management. 

If you would like more information on the company or have any questions, please email or call us:

Reliant Development Group, Inc

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We appreciate your interest and look forward to working with you.